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Basil Cubes

Making basil cubes is an easy way to preserve fresh basil. The cubes are good for adding to sauces, soups or stews in the winter. You can also use basil cubes to make pesto. Here is how to make the cube:

> Remove leaves from the stem. Wash and dry or spin the leaves.
> Use a food processor to puree the basil leaves adding olive oil to make a paste. It’s about 1 tablespoon olive oil to 1 cup of basil – it doesn’t have to be exact.
> Transfer the basil mixture to an ice cube tray or small container & freeze. Once frozen remove from tray and store it in a resealable plastic bag or freezer-safe container.

A note about the ice cube tray – depending on the type of plastic it can stain the tray so you may need to have a designated herb cube tray. You can also use this method for other herbs such as cilantro, chives, mint or tarragon.