Produce and Egg Share

Interested in becoming a CSA member?

Welcome to Darby Meadow Farm!

Darby Meadow Farm is a 7 acre farm located just outside of Columbus, Ohio.  Our farm provides fresh locally grown produce and free range eggs & poultry to the Central Ohio Community. We strive to provide wholesome products and educate people about food and how it is produced.

Darby Meadow Farm offers CSA shares of produce, eggs and poultry.

Our Produce Share is offered as a monthly membership. Our Produce Share is delivered weekly available June thru October. Produce varieties are heirloom or are known to be disease resistant. We use sustainable and organic growing methods. We do not use synthetic pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. We use cover crops, crop rotation and natural methods to manage our crops.

Our Egg Share is offered as a monthly membership. Our Egg Share is available weekly March thru November. We offer chicken, duck or a mix of chicken & duck eggs. Our hens and ducks are antibiotic free and fed 100% natural feed and are turned out each morning to spend their days at pasture. Some of the varieties of chickens we care for are: Buckeye, Black Jersey Giant, Ameraucana, Golden Buff, Black Stars, Welsummer, Brown Leghorn & Barred Rock. Duck varieties are Pekin & Mallard.

We also offer a Poultry Share. We prefer you pre-order and reserve your poultry share two months in advance or check back often to see if we have fresh poultry available. Poultry are antibiotic free, pasture raised and fed 100% natural feed. We offer broiler & heritage chicken, pekin duck, goose and turkey.

Please email us for more information about our CSA memberships.