Boiled or Steamed?

We love bringing deviled eggs to gatherings. Only problem (some may not see it as a problem) our eggs are always fresh! ..laid that morning fresh. Peeling hard boiled fresh eggs isn’t always pretty. The peeled egg looks like it has rolled around on the gravel drive. Never fear any more! I am a converted egg cooker. I tried “hard steamed eggs” and it works like a charm. The fresh eggs peel great, with little to no chipping egg white. I use my vegetable steamer. I am still playing with the steam times. First try I over steamed them (20 minutes, then left to cool). Second try (20 minutes then cold water bath) not over cooked but they weren’t the way we like them. I am still adjusting the steam times and playing around with it but I am so eggcited 🙂 to share with you this discovery. Try it, hard steamed eggs!


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